Many women notice missing volume or symmetry in certain body parts as they age. Some prefer a bigger cleavage, while others wish for a rounded or curvy bottom. If you’d like to achieve a more symmetrical or curvaceous shape in effective and safe results, body fillers may be the option for you!

What is body filler?

A body filler treatment employs injectables to restore symmetry or add volume to a body region. It is often used as an alternative to surgery for breasts and buttocks.

Body filler is used in the same way dermal fillers are used on the face; to enhance, shape, and add volume to certain areas, as well as to fix any asymmetry and fill in any hollowing or loss of volume.

Body fillers are also often used to fill in places like “hip dips,” which are gaps between the buttocks and the stomach that many women have but don’t want to fix with invasive methods.

Types of body filler?

Dr Carmelo Crisafulli offers a wide range of body filler injections to address your concerns regarding specific areas in your body, including:

  • Hands

As we get older, the skin on our hands gets thinner, making veins, tendons, and sun spots stand out more. Fillers work by giving the skin back some of the volume lost over the years to make bones, tendons, and veins less noticeable.

  • Décolletage

With age, the décolletage (the area below the neck and above the breasts) develops crepey skin, which can detract from this body’s natural beauty. décolletage fillers that stimulate collagen production or include Hyaluronic acid supply moisture, thereby lowering crepy skin’s appearance.

  • Buttocks

It is simple to augment the buttocks with the least discomfort and recovery time using body fillers. Dr Carmelo injects fillers along the depressions in the buttocks and along the top of the butt in order to enhance volume, make the area appear more rounded and lifted, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Arms

The skin of the upper arms can become thin and saggy with age, causing many people to feel the need to cover their arms. To treat such cases of skin damage, we advise exploring filler options like Sculptra to help tighten the skin.

  • Knees, legs, and thighs

Wrinkles and lines above the knees and thighs make the legs appear older, but fillers can substantially enhance their appearance by smoothing and tightening the surrounding skin.

  • Breasts

Dr Carmelo also employs body filler for non-surgical breast augmentation. Breast fillers can be used to rectify abnormalities, sculpt and reshape them, add natural-looking volume, and even create a cleavage.

  • Cellulite

Fillers are an essential element of cellulite treatment. While alternative methods exist to break the bands that produce cellulite,  cellulite areas must be filled, tightened, and thickened using fillers.



Am I a candidate for body fillers?

Board-certified specialist plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Carmelo Crisafulli will examine your unique physical needs and evaluate your medical history to ensure that body fillers will be effective and safe for you to receive. He’ll conduct a thorough consultation to estimate the amount of filler required, treatment areas, and the total cost of the procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

Injecting body filler can take around 30 minutes to perform, depending on the size of the treated areas.

How long do the results last?

Depending on how your body responds to hyaluronic acid and how rapidly you metabolize your body filler, you should expect the results to last between nine and twelve months. If you take care of yourself, eat a healthy diet, and don’t over-exercise, your effects should last longer!


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